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AUCTeX 11.88 disponible

Tout ce qui concerne l'utilisation ou l'installation de LaTeX.
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AUCTeX 11.88 disponible

Messagepar gigiair » Samedi 08 Novembre 2014, 07:56

AUCTeX 11.88 est disponible depuis le 29/10/2014.
Vous pouvez vous le procurer sous forme de «tarball» à l'adresse ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/auctex/ si vous savez vous en dépatouiller, mais si vous avez Emacs24 installé, je vous conseille plutôt de l'installer par le gestionnaire de packages intégré.

info-auctex@gnu.org a écrit:New features and fixed bugs in this release

'TeX-PDF-mode' is now enabled by default.

Now 'TeX-previous-error' works with TeX commands if the new option
'TeX-parse-all-errors' is non-nil, which is the default. When this
option is non-nil, an overview of errors and warnings reported by the
TeX compiler can be opened with 'M-x TeX-error-overview <RET>'.

Style file authors are encouraged to distinguish common from expert
macros and environments, and mark the latter using
'TeX-declare-expert-macros' and 'LaTeX-declare-expert-environments'.
Users can then restrict completion using

Management of LaTeX package options in the parser was improved. You
might need to reparse your documents, especially if you loaded the
'babel' package with language options.

Now you can insert '$...$' or '\(...\)' by typing a single '$'. To do
this, customize the new option 'TeX-electric-math'.
'TeX-math-close-double-dollar' was removed.

'C-c <RET> documentclass <RET>' completes with all available LaTeX
classes, if the 'TeX-arg-input-file-search' variable is non-nil.
Completion for class options of the standard LaTeX classes is provided
as well.

New user options 'LaTeX-default-author',
'LaTeX-fontspec-arg-font-search', 'LaTeX-fontspec-font-list-default',
'TeX-date-format', and 'TeX-insert-braces-alist'. A new possible value
('show-all-optional-args') for 'TeX-insert-macro-default-style' was
added. The default value of 'TeX-source-correlate-method' has been

'biblatex' support was greatly expanded. If parsing is enabled, AUCTeX
looks at 'backend' option to decide whether to use Biber or BibTeX. The
'LaTeX-biblatex-use-Biber' variable was changed to be file local only
and is no more customizable.

With some LaTeX classes, the default environment suggested by
'LaTeX-environment' ('C-c C-e') when the current environment is
'document' was changed. With 'beamer' class the default environment is
'frame', with 'letter' it is 'letter', with 'slides' it is 'slide'.

Brace pairing feature was enhanced in LaTeX documents. Support for
'\bigl', '\Bigl', '\biggl' and '\Biggl', the same as the one for
'\left', was added to 'TeX-insert-macro'. For example, 'C-c <RET> bigl
<RET> ( <RET>' inserts '\bigl(\bigr)'.

You can insert brace pair '()', '{}' and '[]' by typing a single left
brace if the new user option 'LaTeX-electric-left-right-brace' is

Macros '\langle', '\lfloor' and '\lceil', which produce the left part
of the paired braces, are treated similarly as '(', '{' and '[' during
the course of 'TeX-insert-macro'.

Support for dozens of LaTeX packages was added.

Tabular-like environments (tabular, tabular*, tabularx, tabulary,
array, align, ...) are indented in a nicer and more informative way
when the column values of a table line are written across multiple
lines in the tex file.

The suitable number of ampersands are inserted when you insert array,
tabular and tabular* environments with 'C-c C-e'. Similar experience
is obtained if you terminate rows in these environments with 'C-c
<LFD>'. It supplies line break macro '\\' and inserts the suitable
number of ampersands on the next line. Similar supports are provided
for various amsmath environments.

Commands for narrowing to a group ('TeX-narrow-to-group') and to LaTeX
environments ('LaTeX-narrow-to-environment') were added.

Now arbitrary options can be passed to the TeX processor on a per file
basis using the 'TeX-command-extra-options' option.

Now 'C-c C-e document <RET>', in an empty document, prompts for
'\usepackage' macros in addition to '\documentclass'.

'TeX-add-style-hook' has now a third argument to tell AUCTeX for which
dialect (LaTeX, Texinfo or BibTeX) the style hook is registers.
Labelling style hook by dialect will avoid applying them not in the
right context.

There have been lots of bug fixes and feature additions.
LaTeXien migrateur.
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